#TreynorUnite is an ongoing experiment at Zion designed for our community to find new and creative ways to be just that—a community.  At the core of this proposal is an understanding of our faith impacting daily life.  Whether at work, at home, at play, by ourselves, or with others—all of life is lived as an act of worship in response to the love and grace given to us through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Zion Congregational Church is seeking ways to go out into the community—not to then bring people back to prop up a church institution, but to live and breathe and be the people of Christ in real and everyday life.  We seek partners in this journey—allowing us all to become leaders in our own neighborhoods.  We do this not from the front of the line, but rather through humble and quiet service to our neighbors—those people who are made in God’s image to whom we live in close proximity, and with whom we share life together. #TreynorUnite works to equip community experiments, raising up new conversations and deepening relationships from the ground up.

The Concept

Treynor is not a large metropolis.  It is a tight-knit community and rural area of around 1,200 people.  And even though we are small, people rarely make it a priority to be with one another.  We default to isolation and only worry about our own lives.  But stop and consider what might happen if our town and its surrounding areas actually began to behave as the body of Christ in community?  How might that change our conversations, our attitudes towards each other, our willingness to help and serve, and impact our capacity to forgive?  God only knows—but part of our challenge at Zion is to seek to find out.  #TreynorUnite.

The Beginning

We started in the summer of 2014 with a free drive-in movie event (yes, we are licensed and can do this legally) featuring themed games, food, and karaoke.  Our next experiment was to give neighborhoods an excuse to gather together; we purchased an event grill and planned block parties across Treynor.  We have covered many streets throughout Treynor since that first summer in 2014.  

The End

#TreynorUnite is an ongoing community experiment.  There is no end in sight; we have heard over and over that people had been wanting to get together for years but had just never made it a priority.  The #TreynorUnite experiments have allowed us to be a part of our community in new ways, with the only goal being to have God’s people spend time with God’s people. We will stick with it until God points us in another direction.  May God continue to be praised.

Request a Block party on your street

Contact Pastor Adam to see if Zion can schedule a block party in your area!

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