SCRIP Fundraising

Help fund Zion's elementary (J-Force), middle, and senior high ministry programs by using SCRIP!!

What is SCRIP?
SCRIP is a fundraising program that does not “sell” products to families. No cookie dough. No pizza.  No pink flamingos. Instead, families purchase gift cards to the stores in which they find themselves shopping regularly from Zion Congregational Church at no additional cost. The goal is to have families use gift cards purchased through our SCRIP program to make every day purchases (i.e. things they were going to spend money on anyway). The church purchases the gift cards from the Great Lakes SCRIP Center at a reduced rate and sells them to families at face value, keeping the difference to fund Zion’s elementary, middle, and senior high ministries. SCRIP is a very real fundraising ministry. Please join us and help raise money for Zion’s elementary, middle, and senior high ministries.

How do I order?
1. Check  the Retailer List to pick which gift cards you would like to order.
2. Print and fill out a Scrip Order Form.  Or, you can order online (scroll down for instructions).
3. Return the completed order form with payment to Zion Congregational Church

Completed order forms and payments (checks made to: Zion Scrip) can be returned to Zion Congregational Church or mailed to:

Zion Congregational Church Scrip Fund
PO Box 577
Treynor, IA 51575

Orders will be processed and turned in with the next bulk order from GLSC.  You will be notified when your gift cards have arrived.

Here's the breakdown:

1.  Plan ahead!  Figure out where you will be shopping in the next several weeks/months.
2.  Pre-Order your gift cards before or after Sunday worship time.  You pay face value (i.e. a $20 gift card will cost you $20).  The gift cards are exactly the same retailer cards that you can purchase for a store.  Depending on the retailer, the church will get to purchase the cards at a reduced rate (often 2%-20%), using the difference to fund our elementary, middle, and senior high ministries.

The order cut-off is usually the first Sunday of each month.  After church that day, all the orders that have been placed since the last order date will be compiled and sent in.  All gift cards will be available for pick-up the following Sunday.


1.  Go shopping where you always shop, spending the money you were going to spend anyway--but using your SCRIP gift cards.  SCRIP IS AN EXCELLENT WAY TO DO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING AND HOME IMPROVEMENTS!!
2.  With just a little pre-planning, you could buy all of your groceries, gas, dining expenses, home improvement costs...all with SCRIP gift cards!

1.  Feel GREAT, knowing that you are raising funds for the elementary, middle, and senior high ministries at Zion.
2.  Get ready to RE-ORDER, and do the whole process again.

SCRIP is an EASY way to fund real ministry!  Don’t forget that you can buy groceries with SCRIP as well.  We’ve worked out agreements with Fareway, Hy-Vee, and Family Fare. Have a large family dinner soon--use SCRIP!

THANK YOU for partnering with Zion in funding J-Force, Middle Ministry, and Senior High Ministries!  We appreciate your help very much.  Our youth programs at Zion are SOLELY FUNDED through SCRIP proceeds.  We thank you and need your continued support!!


You can now place your SCRIP online!! Place your SCRIP order online, anytime, and it will be submitted when the next order is placed (usually the first Sunday of each month). Here is how to place your order online:

1. Visit and click on the green “Family Sign Up” box to create a FREE account.

2. When creating your account, enter our church’s enrollment code so that our
elementary, middle, and high school ministry programs will continue to benefit from your purchases.

                  Our church’s enrollment code is:  21D9B17L267L3.

3.  Once you have created your account, you’re ready to order SCRIP.  When  placing your order online, you have two options for how to pay for your order.

         A.  Order SCRIP online, and write a check to Zion SCRIP Fund, just like you would if you were ordering SCRIP with a paper order form. 
               Note: If you choose to pay by check, we MUST receive your check before your order can be released.  Any orders submitted, but not paid    
               for, will NOT be placed.

         B.  Sign up for Presto Pay to be able to pay for your SCRIPSCRIP order online.  This is a service offered through Great Lakes SCRIP (the company
              through which we order our SCRIP).  There is a small $0.15 convenience fee per order charged by GL SCRIP for using this service.  All
              orders paid for online must be paid through a checking account; no credit cards are accepted because of the costly credit card fees.

If you have any questions about ordering SCRIP online, please visit or contact Missy Magill.  Thank you for your continued support of Zion’s SCRIP program.  Please help spread the word about online ordering, and share our church’s enrollment code with any family and friends who would like to help support Zion’s youth through purchasing SCRIP!!

Did you forget to place a SCRIP order? 

Need a last minute gift, but missed the order date? 

Did you run out of SCRIP and need more before the next order date? 

Want to reload a gift card you purchased from SCRIP? 

Going out to dinner now but don't have a SCRIP card?

Take SCRIP with you with SCRIPNOW!

 If you have created an account at and signed up with Presto Pay, you can purchase and print SCRIP e-cards right from your own computer!! No need to wait until the next order date—print cards right when you need them from your own home, or even email them to that person you forgot to buy a gift for! 

Visit and look at the list of retailers available from SCRIPNow!

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