Summer Games 

2019 Camp Date and location TBD


Summer Games is a multi-denominational sports-based Christian camping experience for kids in 5th thru 12th grades, held each summer in Covington, Georgia.

The Summer Games camping model began in Iowa over 30 years ago, through a vision given to Rev. Stan Wierson, a Methodist pastor, at a time when camping ministries were struggling.  The Summer Games model revitalized and singlehandedly saved Christian Camping in Iowa.  Since that time, it has been brought to many different states, taken from the Midwest to the rest of America.


The camp is based around small, multi-aged groups, or huddles, and geared around a week of sports.  Each day, there are over two hours of large group worship and teaching, as well as over an hour of huddle Bible Study.  These huddles play sports, eat, worship, and pray with each other, and provide the setting for the growth and maturation in discipleship that happens during Summer Games.

By far, Summer Games provides the most lasting change in a kid's faith compared to any other camp.  The beauty and effectiveness of Summer Games comes because the camp itself is led by a special group of trained and equipped college students.  The adults are there to facilitate-but we leave the small groups to be led by those young ministers, which gives campers the opportunity to hear the good news of Christ from someone other than a crusty old pastor.

Each morning and evening, Summer Games campers gather as one large group for worship.  Each evening features praise, prayer, and preaching around a central theme.

     MONDAY:  Altar Call

     TUESDAY:  Pray with a Friend

     WEDNESDAY:  Foot-washing Service

     THURSDAY:  Crucifixion Pageant

     FRIDAY:  Open Mic

Summer Games focuses largely in preparation of Thursday evenings Crucifixion pageant.  Campers begin by hearing the Good News of the birth of Jesus, walk through His life and teaching, and then experience a portrayal of His crucifixion.Campers are led to the scene of the crosses by counselors dressed in full Roman Centurion uniform.  After viewing the crosses, the camp gathers for worship and to experience the wonders of the resurrection.

For more information about Summer Games, please contact the church office (487-3289) or email Pastor Adam Magill.

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