What to EXPECT

At Zion, we have a relaxed but respectful worship atmosphere.  Some come wearing jeans, others dress up. Regardless of how you are dressed, we care more about you than what you are wearing--so don't worry about it and just show up!

Kids are encouraged to stay during worship.  At Zion, we consider children's voices as praises to God, and promise not to send nasty looks your way if your kid would happen to make some noise! We feel that worship is a family event, and that children need to learn to worship God by having it modeled for them by their parents and the rest of the church. Activity bags with books, crayons, and other crafts are provided (and are located in the back of the sanctuary). If needed, there is a "cry room" on the side of the sanctuary with privacy windows and a speaker, allowing parents to see and hear what is going on in church while comforting their child.

We use traditional and contemporary music. At Zion, we refuse to get caught up in the worship wars over preferences over music styles. We offer grace to our neighbors, and recognize that if one music style is not our favorite, it may allow for our neighbor to connect with God. To that end, our services are "blended" in that we sing some traditional hymns as well as worship using contemporary songs. Our hope is that when we come together and worship, God's grace and love will overwhelm and overshadow any one person's personal preferences, enabling the entire body to worship as one with Jesus as our head. Zion’s monthly UNITE services will typically use a majoirity of contemporary music to worship God.

At Zion we practice open communion.  Celebrating the Lord's Supper (Communion/Eucharist) is typically done on the first Sunday of each month. We believe that communion is an open event of Godly grace; everyone who believes in Jesus is invited to celebrate this meal. We will pass the trays of bread first, reminding us of the broken body of Christ. Please take a piece and hold on to it, continuing to pass the tray.  After everyone has been served, we will eat the bread together. The process is repeated with cups of grape juice, reminding us of the shed blood of Jesus. In this way, our church shares and celebrates God's grace in communion as one body.

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